• timoweb

    Janin’s art is great, but they forgot to color the black parts of Poison Ivy’s costume :/

    • David Brooke

      That does look off.

    • Ambush Bug.

      it depends on the writer. Some make her like that, some add black others have a different costume. She is never in the same costume for long

      • timoweb

        That’s true, but she had the black/green costume in the last issue and on the cover. And you can see the parts who are supposed to be black, but are not. So this is a coloring error, which is a bummer because it’s a cool shot of Ivy…beside this Riddler ribbon :/

  • Morse

    when did batman get breast implants?

  • Tao Jones T.jones

    You’re a poo? Why do people like this story again?

    • Ellrick

      Isnt it supposed to be a bad joke?

  • This looks great! It could wind up being kinda like the interrogation scene in The Dark Knight. Sit these characters down in a room together and let them talk and brilliance might ensue.