Six vs. six and free-for-all deathmatches are coming to the Arcade.

Overwatch is getting a mode many thought they’d never see in the highly team-based first person shooter: free-for-all Deathmatch. There will also be a team-based Deathmatch mode, where six people square off against six more in a game where there is no objective other than killing members of the opposite team. So, what every pug apparently thinks the objective of every game it. Mercy’s rezzes will remove kills from the other team’s score, making the healer even more of a must than she is in other modes.

In the latest Developer Update video, Jeff Kaplan explained that these modes will be coming to the Arcade feature of Overwatch, even though Kaplan himself and other members of the team were originally against the idea. “The coolest part of the Arcade is that it’s opened up our ability as developers to introduce game modes to you guys that we wouldn’t normally feel comfortable putting in the quick-play or competitive rotation.”

Deathmatch mode will feature a new map, Chateau Guillard, as well as utilize modified versions of existing maps. Deathmatch modes are available on the PTR right now, and will be releasing to the live client in a couple weeks.

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