John Romita Jr. gives new details on his upcoming Superman project with Frank Miller.

Though John Romita Jr. was speaking on the DC Metal panel, those lucky enough to be in attendance were privy to new details on his upcoming Superman project with Frank Miller. The audience was in for a big surprise as new details and insight were given. This book was revealed back at SDCC a few weeks ago, but Romita Jr. was given the go ahead to reveal even more at this BCC panel.

First off, Romita Jr. said it’s not an origin story, saying he wanted to put to rest folks on the internet who were complaining about getting yet another Superman origin. “It’s after the origin and after he lands and he realizes what he is,” Romita said, “he’s really not conscious that he’s an alien until his parents tell him he’s an alien.” Simply put, this story will be about Superman coming to grips with being an alien and only becoming aware of it when he’s older. “Frank [Miller] has this twisted imagination about what should happen, we talked about it and he said he wanted to do this as long as he can remember, back in [Batman] Year One, he wanted to complete the cycle and do it.” Soon Miller will finally get his story out to readers.

Romita Jr. said the plan is to work on this project after the three issues on Silencer and that it will be around 100 pages long. That said, Romita Jr. said it could be even longer, since Miller only gives him a few pages of plot and lets him draw how many pages he wants or needs to. “That’s better than any other process. Scripts are restricting but plots are not–plots are liberating,” Romita Jr. said. No matter what Romita Jr. said, “I hope it turns out as good as I can see it in my head.”

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