Kalman and McKinney’s creations just ooze that 80’s vibe.


Guess what all of you Amerikaratiacs? <– (I’m trademarking that word, you can’t use it!) That’s right, Our favorite duo, Sam and Cynthia are back on the scene using their karate to serve up justice in Amerikarate #5. Are you ready for some more ass-kicking? Because I am!

So what is Amerikarate? 

Amerikarate is an entertaining adult oriented action comic book influenced by over-the-top 80’s action films of all variety. The last arc had Sam seeking out revenge after his brother was killed. Sam meets the very sexy Agent Vanessa and the two join forces to fight the evil Neon and his waves of evil henchmen, leading up to a very exciting climax!

Go on…

Amerikarate #5 picks up right where the first arc ends, with more karate ass-kicking action! Sam and Vanessa are now heading up an American karate special operation in efforts to stop all evil in the city titled U.S.A.C.T.I.O.N. Force. The pair are in the process of tracking down a gang of criminals that are cutting off citizen’s appendages. Sam is able to nab one of the thugs, and while interrogating him, discovers that a small group of criminals are literally disarming someone feet away from them! Cue the car chase! And don’t forget to include the shocking reveal about our body part boosting bandits! But you are going to have to pick the book up to see the secret for yourself!

But Dave, is it good?

Hell yes, it is good! In my former life, I reviewed the first arc of Amerikarate and loved every issue! It is a lot of fun and reminds you what comics should be. Kalman and McKinney’s script is witty and full of 80’s goodness. There’s even that one character who is only days away from retiring. It has action, car chases, and what 80’s style book isn’t complete without the gratuitous sex scene? The art in this issue is the only thing I am on the fence about. Don’t get me wrong, I like Massa’s artwork but I had gotten accustomed to the art style of the first arc. After a few pages, I got used to it and looked at the issue like the beginning of a sequel. You know, after the original film, the sequel comes out, and the characters looks a little different because they matured. The art style felt like that to me and it works.

The characters are key to making the story work. Kalman and McKinney’s creations just ooze that 80’s vibe. Their scripting is pure 80’s gold and it has been a long time since I have come across a book that has captured a certain time era like Amerikarate. I grew up on these movies that are reflected in this book! The only thing missing is the heavy metal soundtrack playing in the background. I really want to see this comic get turned into a cartoon! Someone make it happen! In the meantime, this issue is an outstanding jumping on point. Go out and buy Amerikarate #5.

Amerikarate #5
Is it good?
This issue is an outstanding jumping on point. Go out and buy Amerikarate #5.
The script is witty and has that 80's influence
Fight-F-----g......huh? Yeah.
Very colorful characters, and colorful art!
The art took me a few pages to get used to, not as defined as the first arc