Yet another issue of ‘TMNT: Dimension X’ featuring a talented creative team, great art, and a dud of a story.

Another week, another witness being sought for the trail of Krang–this time with some bonus wrasslin’.

First Read Reactions

  • “Wrestling is fake?” joke count: 1
  • Leave it to the Vince McMahon stand-in to be involved in a shady business deal.
  • “Wrestling is fake?” joke count: 2
  • “Wrestling is fake?” joke count: 3
  • OH! That definitely looked real (and excruciatingly painful).
  • “Wrestling is fake?” joke count: 4
  • Bonus points for the Ric Flair homage/reference.
  • “Wrestling is fake?” joke count: 5
  • I miss the old Hakk-R–the one who could kick everyone else’s ass.
  • “Wrestling is fake?” joke count: 6
  • I also agree with Hakk-R’s assessment of the situation completely.
  • “Wrestling is fake?” joke count: 7
  • “Wrestling is fake?” joke count: 8

The Verdict

So far, TMNT: Dimension X has had three very talented creative teams for each chapter…of which have delivered almost complete duds.

Just the last two issues, this one features some exceptional art in a story that is equal parts boring and predictable. There are also a lot of sequencing issues, which somehow manage to make the book’s plot feel too compressed while simultaneously making it feel like an eternity to read. And look, I love a good wrestling parody/homage as much as anybody, but the numerous ones we get here are so stale and recycled that it’s more annoying than funny. Add in a target/villain who makes the aforementioned Vince McMahon seem subtle by comparison, and it’s yet another issue that falls well short of what I’d hope to get from the series.

Maybe I’m just not the right audience for this book–although the idea of a galactic witness search with a badass assassin chasing things sounded pretty awesome when I first heard about it. Perhaps the next issue will finally win me over (and stop making me feel like the critical equivalent of a heel).

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Dimension X #3
Is it good?
Yet another issue of TMNT: Dimension X featuring a talented creative team, great art, and a dud of a story.
The artwork looks great.
Always gotta give props for a Ric Flair reference. WOOOOO!!!!
A slew of stale and tired jokes in which a character doesn't seem to understand that wrestling is fake.
Multiple sequencing issues make the issue's narrative feel too compressed, yet somehow also makes it feel like an eternity to read.