Despite some great art and cool fight sequences, it feels like Normie’s going down the same goblin path of despair we’ve seen a million times before.

Normie Osborn has been lurking in the background of this series for a while. This month brings us a closer look at the budding young psychopath.

First Read Reactions

  • I’m with ya, Normie. Birthdays are terrible.
  • So are attacks by the Lizard, especially when you’re Spider-Man and you have your super powered daughter fighting him, too.
  • Wow. Annie May’s actually pretty dang good at this stuff.
  • Geez Norm. You don’t fire a guy for buying you a cake.
  • …and here comes the obligatory goblin imagery.
  • Okay, whoever decided to place that Geico Gecko ad right after Curt Connors showed up is a genius.
  • Lizard vs. Spidey/Annie vs. Mini Green Goblin. Go!
  • Ugh. Poor Normie…
  • …okay never mind.

The Verdict

One great thing about alternate universe books is that you can do something new and different with established characters. Unfortunately, I feel like the character arc we’re seeing with Normie is a song that has been covered a few too many times.

We also hit a lot of standard friend of family/enemy of hero tropes, including the one where what should be a moment of clarity becomes a deeper dive into evil despair.

Thankfully, the issue is buoyed by lots of beautifully drawn action sequences. Still, I really hope this isn’t going to be yet another trip down the goblin rabbit hole to deranged villainy. I can read the main universe Spider titles for that.

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #10
Is it good?
Despite some great art and cool fight sequences, it feels like Normie's going down the same goblin path of despair we've seen a million times before.
Lots of great fight sequences, including an amazing one near the beginning with the Lizard.
Annie May is a little badass.
We've seen this goblin story play out before. It would be nice if the alternate Renew Your Vows universe could give us something different for a change.