Marvel’s kung fu series returns for one more issue under the Marvel Legacy banner.

Master of Kung Fu will be getting the Marvel Legacy treatment, as the revived series will pick back up where it left off with a one-shot numbered #126, Syfy reports.

And what better man to write the one-shot than a martial artist? WWE Legend turned UFC fighter CM Punk will be writing the story, while Dalibor Talajic will be on art duties. Okay, so maybe CM Punk isn’t the world’s best martial artist, losing in under three minutes in his one and only professional fight, but the former WWE Champion is a legend in the pro wrestling world and no stranger to writing comics, either: CM Punk wrote a story in Thor Annual #1, and wrote all 11 issues of the Drax ongoing series.

Despite mounting pressure from peers and fans alike to return to the squared circle, Punk has given no indication he will do so.

Master of Kung Fu #126 will be released November 1, 2017. Read the solicit below:

The Marvel Universe is full of fighters: brawlers, scrappers, weapons experts, mystical kung fu virtuosi. But there’s only one martial artist skilled enough to be called the greatest. SHANG-CHI has been a pinch hitter for a long time, stepping in for Avengers missions when no one else would do, but when no one can match your speed or skill, sometimes it’s best to work alone. To see what you’ve been missing if you don’t know Shang-Chi, don’t miss MASTER OF KUNG FU!