Rocket’s stuck on Earth without the help of Groot or his Guardians teammates — can he survive against the likes of Kraven the Hunter? And can he get off this crazy mudball?

Rocket Raccoon: Grounded gives us exactly what we wanted in a story about our favorite talking Raccoon. There’s a solid story, hilarious dialogue, fun action sequences and colorful visuals. Every page and panel features beautiful, gritty artwork that gift this book a darker, more serious tone.

With the success of the Guardians of the Galaxy films it’s no surprise that Marvel would give Rocket Raccoon his own series. A positive side to this series is that Rocket doesn’t mirror his movie counterpart too much. This version seems to have the best of both worlds without being a copy of one or the other. The artistic side of this volume is fantastic — there’s always something happening on the page that’s worth admiring before flipping. Not only is the book filled with wonderful imagery but each and every cover for the six issues contained within the TPB are good enough to want to set as your wallpaper. The story itself is so compelling and such a wonderful direction to take.

Rocket along with the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy are stranded on earth and that alone is a reason to pick up this book. Every issue is filled with beautiful art and a strong compelling story that you wouldn’t expect to see from a character who’s usually been confined to a member of a team rather than given any solo time. If you’re a fan of Rocket Raccoon then you’ll be glad to know that this book completely redefines the character in a whole new light and shows off his more solo skills rather than standing behind his talking tree. (Sorry Groot.)

There are interesting cameos from all over the Marvel Universe from Kraven the Hunter all the way to Miles Morales as Spider-Man. Spider-Man and Rocket deserve their own series together after this wonderful and hilarious encounter. The two have this chemistry already and it’s a shame it ends so soon. Rocket Raccoon and Groot are the ideal pair but this book shows that there may be a greater duo one day and he won’t always have to be glued to members of his team. Kraven The Hunter was an amazing choice as a villain for Rocket and it fits so well that I think he could possibly one day turn into his sworn enemy forever.

Every page you turn seems to change locations and it takes all of the action to a whole new level. Who would have thought that Kraven The Hunter and Rocket Raccoon could have so much great action scenes together and put up a challenge for both sides? Rocket being one stuck on earth will bring a whole new flavor to the Marvel Universe and open new doors and exciting opportunities for Rocket. Imagine one day Rocket being a member of the Avengers. So many new things to come, but as of right now this book is a standalone solid book and a near perfect Rocket Raccoon Story.


Is it good?
Rocket Raccoon Grounded is the perfect standalone story for your favorite Guardian of the Galaxy. The eerie noir version of Rocket is something fresh and exciting to the Marvel Universe.
The darker tone and gritty art really made this book set itself apart of the other Marvel books.
All the cameos of other Marvel characters who make an appearance make such a great addition to the Rocket story and really complimented each other.
All the cameos of other Marvel characters who make an appearance make such a great addition to the Rocket story and really complimented each other.