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Wonder Woman is back after a delay last week, and if you like Mirka Andolfo’s work, there’s some good news and bad news. The bad news is, Shea Fontana’s third part of “Heart of the Amazon” has a different artist. The good news is it’s David Messina, who drew the excellent Deadman story in last year’s New Talent Showcase. Is the third part of the story as good as the previous one? Let’s take a look.

Here’s the official summary of the issue from DC Comics:

“HEART OF THE AMAZON” part three! With the immediate threat subdued, Diana thought she could take time to help Etta Candy recover from her wounds…but will her presence put Etta in even more danger?

Wonder Woman #28 feels like the start of a new story arc, since Diana and Etta Candy face a new threat just after Wonder Woman solved the bombing at Etta’s brother’s wedding. At the end of #27, we saw a mysterious armored villain take a bounty on Diana’s head in what was like an end credits tease. Now, that villain is here to collect her bounty and is surprised to see how fast Wonder Woman can stop bullets. Clearly, she didn’t see the Wonder Woman movie or read “Year One.”

Fontana keeps building on the strong relationship between Diana and Etta, to the point where we see Wonder Woman tell Etta that she never wants her to die. That adds a little human depth to Diana, showing that she’s not just some stoic Amazon without feelings. There’s also a dose of humor in the early parts of the book. (I love the gag where Diana signs her name as “Diana of Themyscira,” then is called “Mrs. Of Themyscira.”)

As for the art, Messina’s work is wonderful and detailed, and includes a two-page spread that is screaming to become a poster. His work reminds me a bit of Yanick Paquette’s work on Wonder Woman: Earth One. There’s very little dialogue during the fight scenes, so Messina gets to tell the story through action.

Messina will be doing the art for the next two parts for “Heart of the Amazon.” While I personally love it when one artist gets to do an entire arc for consistency, Messina is a great talent to take this book over with Fontana.

Wonder Woman #28 Review
Is it good?
Wonder Woman #28 features another strong script from Shea Fontana and great art from new artist David Messina.
Shea Fontana brings some much-needed levity to Diana's world.
David Messina does a great job with his first Wonder Woman book.
There's still no hints of who the villain is that connects "Heart of the Amazon."

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