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[VIDEO] Monsters Unleashed “Monster-Size” HC will destroy your empty space

We unbox the ‘Monsters Unleashed: Monster-Size’ collection. Spoiler: It’s huge!

Cullen Bunn
Price: $38.38
Was: $50.00

It came from the sky! Well, actually, it came in the mail, in a box much larger than I had anticipated.

However you felt about Marvel’s Monsters Unleashed “mini-event,” written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by five different, high-profile artists, the towering, 22-inch high “Monster-Size” hardcover edition is just good marketing.

The monumental tome contains just the main series itself, and runs a steep MSRP of $50, so consider your budget and level of investment in giant, smashing creatures before you buy. But when it comes to honoring Jack Kirby on his 100th birthday, you could do a lot worse.



Not kidding when I say it’s BIG


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