I’m a tad skeptical of these “Generations” one-shot issues; they seem somewhat like throwaway tales. It goes something like this: Typically one character time travels to meet another iteration of themselves and in their battle, they come to relate to one another. It’s a neat way to have writers explore the characters in an uncommon way and so far these titles have been rather great (every issue has gotten a 9 from us). Oh, and Jason Aaron writes this issue. Well, that’s all it takes for me to be all in with this one.

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

This book takes place before Thor was ever capable of wielding Mjolnir, which is perfect timing for the Thor of today to meet up with him given she wields Mjolnir and Odinson cannot. Maybe a younger Thor can learn something from Jane Foster yet! Oh, and Mahmud Asrar draws this issue, who has been killing it on Totally Awesome Hulk.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Who dares shoot a mans goat!?

Aaron quickly makes it clear we’re dealing with a very arrogant and frustrated Thor. He’s younger, not the wisest lad and is much more focused on drinking mead than working to better himself. This sets up a good enough reason to have Thor rush off to Egypt to help some vikings fight off some Egyptians. Wait, what!? It’s a rather surprising battle between two cultures I’m pretty sure never fought in history (please tell me if I’m wrong in the comments). With Egypt comes Apocalypse — which isn’t a spoiler, given he’s on the flipping cover. Once Jane Foster Thor shows up things get interesting, words are said, and Thor is very unsure how another person, let alone a woman, could be wielding the hammer. With some fun wrinkles of dialogue Aaron has them banter a bit though as anyone knows Asgardians only need a good battle to bond.

The issue wraps up with the two talking some more and it’s a nice moment that reminds us Thor has always needed a bit more humility and a lot of learning to become a whole hero. In a surprise that is unrelated form the main story but does set up future ones, a surprise X-Men character pops in to mix things up nicely. I’ll say no more to avoid spoilers, but it certainly got me interested to see where Aaron takes this character.

Asrar does an excellent job with the art and Jordie Bellaire continues to prove she’s the best colorist in the business. There are many jaw droppingly good pages, full page spreads, and double page spreads throughout this issue. Frankly I don’t think the story could have held up so well without such good art. There are nice scenes and dialogue, but it’s clear Aaron opened this up to allow Asrar to go nuts. The lightning looks amazing, Apocalypse is all kinds of godlike and huge, and the action is well paced and choreographed. Loki gets a new look too ,which is quite interesting.


It can’t be perfect can it?

As I hinted at in the last paragraph this issue is all action with not a ton of story progressing content. The fact that Thor won’t be learning much, which is directly referenced due to his drinking, makes the interaction with Foster Thor less meaningful. That said I had a ton of fun with this issue and can’t complain as far as entertainment value.

Is It Good?

Jump on every “Generations” book you can get, because so far each one has been a ton of fun with a good focus on character. This issue even ties into Marvel Legacy, which should have folks clamoring for that even more interested.

Generations: Unworthy Thor & The Mighty Thor #1
Is it good?
A fun and action packed meeting between two Thors.
Exciting action and great interaction between the heroes
Wow this art is gorgeous!
Surprise final few pages sets up something big in Marvel Legacy
Ultimately not a lot of meat to this

  • Morse

    oh look! marvel forcing the narrative that the fake thor is better than THOR.
    this character is only built on spite and agenda which makes her reaction’s and responses extremely annoying.
    Thor: for asgard
    fake thor: for asgardIA
    really? you’re giving Asgard a gender?

    Thor: how is a wench worthy of wielding the hammer and not thor?
    fake thor: maybe because you use words like wench.
    REALLY?!?!??! didn’t know being a feminist is one of the givens to lift the hammer…
    why is she so spiteful?? can’t these new milkshake marvel characters be anymore unlikable??

    and finally: Thor is not a title. never has been. never should be. she can be the god of thunder BUT NOT THOR. just like Hillary wouldn’t be “president Obama” if she got elected

    great Thor story ruined by wannabe thor.
    Mahmud Asrar’s art was great and sharp as well. 5/10

    • David Brooke

      That art was insanely good you’re right about that. I bet Asrar draws an event in the next 5 years.

      • Morse

        hope so, he has a very crisp style and the best part is that he keeps improving.

    • Aline Castro

      Of course there’s the context in which Thor says “wench” and this is understandable, but still a woman not wanting to be called a wench in a disrespectful way isn’t being “feminist”, it’s only about respect. I’m not saying that, as a woman, I like this whole SJW agenda in all Marvel comics nowadays, but specifically about your comment, a man that calls a woman a “wench” meaning a “prostitute” is not a worthy person at all. And I don’t mean Thor Odinson.

      • Morse

        the word “wench” means young girl when used as a noun. and in no context is it used as a verb here.
        of course you like SJW Marvel! after all, disingenuous egomaniacs always please disingenuous egomaniacs the most.
        have any other snarky comments on my other points?

        • JJ

          Nothing about her comment was snarky. It was a well constructed response to your argument. Relax.

          Oh and of course Hilary wouldn’t have been President Obama if she won, just like Trump isn’t. She would have been President Clinton. You inherit the title of President, not your predecessor’s last name.

          • Morse

            if “a man that calls a woman a “wench” meaning a “prostitute” is not a worthy person at all. And I don’t mean Thor Odinson.” is not being snarky then i don’t know what is.

            also, can you see my point now? Jane is not Thor. she’s currently the Goddess of Thunder. the example doesn’t add up with Trump though. he’s just Trump. but Clinton would be President Clinton. same goes with the Thunder Gods. Beta ray bill the God of thunder. Thor the God of Thunder. Jane Foster the Goddess of thunder. THOR IS ONE PERSON.

          • Gary

            Not anymore man! The writers and editors at Marvel have the power to decide these things. You do not.

          • JJ

            You and Aline are both right to a degree. Wench is defined as a young girl and also in archaic language a prostitute. Aline made it clear that she took issue with the context that wench was used it, being as she took it that Thor was calling female Thor a prostitute. So again I fail to see how her response to you was snarky.

            Trump isn’t just Trump. He’s President Trump. Where’s the confusion here?

            I don’t agree with you in regards to Thor being a person verse a title and I’m not here to argue that with you. You very clearly have your opinion set on it.

    • Julian Marco

      Oh god, when I heard ArgardIA, I was like: “Oh god, you are so fu#$ing pathetic and spiteful. Do you not have a single good thing about your life left that doesn’t make you so full of hate, marvel?”
      Everyone is scared of Marvel and giving them bad comments because they are going to get flagged and blacklisted how they do with all their critics, btw. Comic book shops can’t sell them and are going out of business, people don’t like them. Marvel is seriously backing off these movies that will never get better than they were, They reached peak with Avengers, then expectations were too high and you can see where we are now.
      Suffice it to say that Infinity War will be their last great movies, everything after will be less. And trust me on this: Marvel has a ton of money in their bank now, they can afford to make these bad comics as long as it doesn’t affect the money, but when the money starts to fly away, the first heads that will fall will be the ones that aren’t making anything profitable, so SJWs and other hopeless writers will be the first to be put on the chopping block.

    • Jo

      Asgard fell. A new city of Asgardia was built by Tony Stark.

      It was created by Matt Fraction and Pasqual Ferry. Back in 2012.

      Try knowing what you’re talking about. #FakeGeekBro

      • Morse

        the name was gendered back then as well and was a garbage story with the all mother nonsense. my points still stand but nice try buddy 😉 #DisingenuousGeekBro

        • Jo

          New place. New name. Your point is ridiculous. Especially when it triggers you into outrage five years later, like you forgot it was even a thing. Anti-SJW #Broflake

          You also have great #FakeGeekBro cred with “Thor is not a title. never has been.” since you’re forgetting that Marvel has often treated Thor like a title. Eric Masterson, Beta Ray Bill, and Red Norvell all took on the mantel of Thor.

          You’re a fake.

          • Morse

            oooh aren’t you an edgy one! calling someone “triggered” is not an argument. are you going to bring up your superiority of fidget spinner collection next? my points still stand.

            “since you’re forgetting that Marvel has often treated Thor like a title”
            that’s where you’re wrong my disingenuous geek bro. Eric Masterson was SOMETIMES called Thor because he looked identical to him, and he changed his name to Thunderstrike later on. Beta Ray Bill was also mostly called beta ray bill. don’t know about the Red Norvell dude since i rather read the comics instead of digging up wikis. and i don’t have time to read every single comic out there. sorry for having a life i guess :/
            all of these characters became the God of Thunder at some point but not Thor. it’s the same logic as becoming president. it’s nonsensical to to call the next president “president OBAMA”
            the other big point about these characters is the fact that non were there pushing an agenda and non were there to virtue signal.

            ad hominem attacks won’t help your shit arguments Jo. why don’t start reading comics instead of wiki pages for a change? 😉

          • Jo

            Your points have been refuted, they do not stand. I’m so sorry that your #FakeGeekBro mind doesn’t understand that what he’s spouting is misinformation and falsehoods.

            Maybe try reading a comic from time to time instead of repeating faulty premises you’ve heard about on YouTube. It would do wonders.

          • Morse

            calling something falsehood and not backing it up is still not an argument. please do demonstrate how you “refuted” my points. i just showed you the fact about those charters, so i don’t see the “refute” anywhere. try harder

            “Maybe try reading a comic from time to time instead of repeating faulty premises you’ve heard about on YouTube. It would do wonders.” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e5cb1294418c339518ef14c6c9072b011ae96b9ad84bfe44505463747e02b314.jpg

            EVEN if i did, it’s still not an argument 😉

          • Jo

            Marvel has used “Thor” as a title multiple times before. That refutes your point that Thor is only a name. You don’t have to like it, but to pretend otherwise is wrong. It also doesn’t matter if you haven’t read the comics as you’ve stated, it still happened. That you say that you haven’t read them, but persist in saying that “Thor” is only a name just backs up the point that you don’t know what you’re talking about and are therefore a #FakeGeekBro.

            If you actually read the comics, you might know what you’re talking about. But you don’t, so you’re a fake.

          • Jason Segarra
  • CJ

    I liked this one-shot issue and have no problem with a female version of ‘Thor’. She is cool, but I do think she should be given her own parallel story. With the regular issue given back to Odinsson (instead of the vice versa). With that said, I thought it odd, however, that there were some dark skinned Vikings in this issue.