The Power Rangers have never felt as serious and dark as they do in this issue.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #18 is a darker tale of Power Rangers you won’t recognize. After everything the Rangers have faced before, even after all the excitement of seeing Lord Drakkon and time travel, this is definitely a Power Rangers story for the record books. Finster, who’s never been depicted as a anything other than a mad scientist, takes complete charge and becomes a threat to the Power Rangers like they’ve never encountered before.

The interesting element to this issue is that it takes place at night. That may not seem like a big deal but it’s very rare that we ever see the Power Rangers in a night time setting; the whole issue has a very noir feel to it as a result. Its a very well done, darker version of the Power Rangers that’s more than enjoyable. This issue was much less a traditional Power Rangers tale and more of a thriller with minimal action but more than enough excitement. Everything in this issue is eye candy for every Power Rangers fan. If you have any doubts about the direction it’s going, especially after the end of the Lord Drakkon era (for now), it’s hard to believe they can top it. It may not feature a brand new evil Ranger but it does deliver a never-before seen tale you don’t want to miss.

I cannot praise the story by Kyle Higgins enough. Coming from someone who is a die-hard Power Rangers fan, I cannot be happier with the direction this is going. Having the government involved and asking the Rangers for help really opens paths for further stories. Power Rangers has always been about showing up, defeating the monsters, and saving the city. They are never really seen one on one with people unless they’re saving people’s lives, let alone having important conversations about a possible government/Power Rangers team-up. The art in this issue is nothing like before and you get to see a variety of new elements with darker tones and a more casual approach to the Power Rangers. Every page that you come across sees no wasted space or anything that looks too muddy or sloppy.

Finster being the main villain is a huge step in the right direction — a familiar villain that we all know rather than a brand new villain like Lord Drakkon or the usual Rita Repulsa. This issue didn’t feel repetitive or resemble any past issues so far. The darker tone affects everyone in this issue, including the villains. The putty patrol has never been so eerie and terrifying. Usually they show up very expectantly and out in the open, take a few punches, then disappear. In this case they are in disguise as regular people then transform into the putty patrol. The way this scene is done is so unsettling and creepy you forget that this is a Power Rangers story.

Power Rangers #18 is a dark thriller story that fans have never seen before. The Power Rangers have never felt as serious and dark as they do in this issue. This issue is gold eye candy for every true Power Rangers fan and is a must-read on every level.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #18
Is it good?
The Power Rangers have never felt as serious and dark as they do in this issue.
The darker tone was the best part of the issue. It's something new that we've never seen before from Power Rangers.
Finster being the main villain was a surprise and he really shined as a villain rather than a henchman.