We unbox and review on the fly the August 2017 Loot Crate.

If you’re like us you like presents, and Loot Crate allows you to get them all year long. We love all things nerd, but sometimes these packages don’t contain the perfect assortment for every fan. We weren’t in love with every item in the July Loot Crate for instance, but the June Loot Crate had a Spider-Man to die for. Check out our unboxing below to see what we got and our snap judgments!

So as you can see we weren’t in love with the items, but that Adventure Time statue was well made and cute as heck. The Lord of the Rings glass was pretty neat (stay until the end of the video to see it change color) and the print was well made too. That said, we weren’t in love with this box and it’s possibly our least favorite of the last three months.

August 2017 Loot Crate
Is it good?
Perfectly fine objects inside, but just not to our tastes.
All the items are well made and high quality
If you love Lord of the Rings you'll dig the two items tied to that property
The Zelda shirt is cool, but not something we'd wear
For 20 bucks this box seems a bit light on one big awesome item