New imprint HumanoidsKids is launching soon from Humanoids as well as some compelling titles to keep an eye on.

Already a source for deeply meaningful and complex stories, Humanoids is branching out with brand new imprints to satisfy even more readers of graphic novels. In a recent press release, Humanoids detailed some of the upcoming titles some of which AiPT! will most definitely be reviewing. Check out the details below with a gallery of covers for the upcoming titles too!

Los Angeles, CA. August 22, 2017: L.A.-based graphic novel publisher HUMANOIDS Inc. is launching two brand new imprints that will diversify its already impressive range of graphic novels.

This imprint offers graphic novels for children and Young Adults, with the same attention to art, content, and quality that have made Humanoids one of most world-renowned comic book publishers.

The first title, The Magical Twins, is the first ever children’s graphic novel written by Alejandro Jodorowsky, and sold out within 2 weeks! A revised second printing will be available in December 2017. Illustrated by regular Jodorowsky collaborator Georges Bess (The White Lama, Son of the Gun) the book is a Hardcover, 56pp, $19.95/£14.99 ISBN: 9781594654084.

August sees the release of the first in the Gregory & The Gargoyles trilogy, a competitively priced all-ages adventure about a young and lonely boy’s travels through a long-forgotten world where magic still rules. Written by Denis-Pierre Filippi (Muse, Marshals), Hardback, 96pp, $12.95/£10.99 ISBN: 9781594657986.

In September, Humanoids will release Halloween Tales, by Denis-Pierre Filippi & Olivier Boiscommun. A spooky – yet sensitive – book with three interconnected stories revealing that, on Halloween, it’s always darkest before the dawn. Hardback, 156pp, $24.95/£20.99 ISBN: 9781594656545.

SLICE OF LIFE: This new range will offer a wide variety of subjects, from travelogues and personal journeys, to LGBTQ themes and coming to terms with bereavement. The first two upcoming titles are:

The Retreat: A lyrical and touching tale of friendship put to the test amid death, mourning, and nostalgia. The September 2017 release date corresponds with Suicide Prevention Awareness month. By artist Tom Tirabosco and Pierre Wazem, the author of the bestselling KOMA and Snow Day. Softcover, 112pp, $14.95/£12.99 ISBN: 9781594656156.

Adrift: Gregory Mardon’s poetic tale of a life at sea, exploring how travel, adventure, and chance encounters can shape both individuals and future generations. Softcover, 116pp, $14.95/£12.99 ISBN: 9781594658396.