• james kaveh

    How long have the time-displaced teens been displaced in the future to where a natural thought of her’s would be to compare Dr. Strange’s run-on thoughts about a TV show to “Netflix Binging.”? (Excuse my grammar.) They didn’t have Netflix in her time, and she uses the terms Netflix Binging so naturally she doesn’t feel like a time-displaced teen, just a regular teen.

    Dennis Hopeless is using too many references to today’s teen/young adult lingo rather than her time’s. The young X-Men & Jean Grey don’t feel time-displaced and seem like they’ve assimilated to today’s trending culture.

    Still, I’ve been loving the series and her adventures. I can’t wait to see where this goes and it’s exciting to see everybody she’s learning from.

    • Devian

      She has been around almost like three years in comic timeline. Times runs out and post-secret wars were a time-gap of eight months each one, and she even was attending college at the beginning of Extraordinary X-Men. So yeah, she has become a regular teen by now with the rest of the crew.

      • james kaveh

        Okay, thanks for the clarification! I appreciate it. I started reading the X-Men comics right when Death of X mini-series was released and wasn’t too familiar with the time displaced X-Men before that. Thanks again.