RIP fourth wall.

Hours after WWE made their match official, WWE titans John Cena and Roman Reigns met in the ring on Monday Night Raw for a contract signing. Though Cena typically weaves a bit of reality into his promos, both men shattered the fourth wall tonight, taking real-life jabs at one another in a heated exchange.

From my review of tonight’s show:

Cena didn’t just break the fourth wall here, he shattered it, calling it out by name after humiliating Reigns for seemingly forgetting his lines. After Reigns recovered actually pretty admirably from it, Cena proceeded to tear down the Big Dog, echoing many fans’ sentiments by saying Reigns is a transparent, corporately created John Cena bootleg. He also brought up both Superstars’ runs with the United States Championship, accusing Reigns of seeing the title as a demotion while Cena relished the opportunity to build new stars. When Reigns called Cena a part-timer, Cena shot back that the only reason he’s still there is because Reigns can’t do his job well enough.

Reigns, for his part, cut one of his better promos, playing the smooth, cocky heel role to a T. He even managed to return some of the real-life jabs in kind, calling Cena a “backstabbing shark” who “buries young talent.”

Cena and Reigns will meet one on one in a dream match on September 24th at No Mercy.