Thanos is an Avenger. Let that sink in!

Given the cover of this issue most folks are probably wondering, “Wait when did Thanos join the Avengers?” Well, one on the one hand — yes, he’s with the Avengers. On the other hand, don’t worry: Thanos is still as evil as ever.

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

Jeff Lemire has written one of the best Thanos stories ever and you’re going to get that to the bitter end. This issue deals with a nightmare of sorts for Thanos, which puts him in a unique position that maybe even he can’t overcome.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Now that’s a site I never thought I’d see.

Lemire and artist German Peralta go all in with the Thanos as an Avenger story in this issue as it opens with the title character fighting with the team as they take on Abomination. It’s a great way to defy expectations and also set up a smash cut to the reality of the situation. Lemire uses this setup to show us a heroic Thanos who actually listens and speaks with the Avengers in a normal way. It’s a bizarre look for Thanos and that makes it very fun and unique. This culminates to a rather graphic turn of events that should have fans gasping.

It’s not all about Thanos as an Avenger as it crosscuts with Thane chasing after Nebula so as to find his father. The kid is very angry and willing to crush Thanos and this plays out well so as to build up to the cliffhanger and ultimately the next issue.

The art by Peralta, with colors by Rachel Rosenberg, certainly make you believe Thanos could–and maybe even should–be a superhero. Sure he looks a bit evil, but his glowing suit and forced smirk will grow on you. Thanos finding himself is a joy to read in part because the art does so well capturing the wrongness of Thanos being happy and heroic. Plus Rosenberg knows how to make purple skin look very good.

Now that’s justice.

It can’t be perfect can it?

I was never actually in belief Thanos would somehow stay in this quasi-hell of being a hero. It might be due to the lack of pages to sell or, or maybe because the actual time he’s a hero lasts only 7 or so pages, but you’ll be tapping your foot in anticipation of the turn. That’s too bad, because the glimmer it offers here is great fun.

The Nebula chase scene is your standard action filler complete with explosions and postulations from the villain. Does it add much to the book beyond senseless action? Not really.

Is It Good?

Thanos proves being a hero is a good look for him, but only because it’s so wrong. This issue sets up the next on well, but don’t expect a lot from it and you’ll enjoy what it has to offer.

Thanos #10
Is it good?
A fun issue, though most of it sets up the next one.
You'll be surprised how cool it is to see Thanos as a hero
Looks sharp
The Nebula story is more filler slash set up for the next issue