Guardians of the Galaxy: Mother Entropy was a quick hit series that was released weekly on every Wednesday in the month of May. Is it worth your hard-earned money?

The Guardians of the Galaxy have become insanely popular. After two successful movies, a third on the way, and with the crew making an appearance in the upcoming Infinity War movies, it’s pretty safe to say the Guardians aren’t going to disappear anytime soon. I am a huge fan of the Guardians. I look forward to reading every story that is written: good or bad, I will read them! Mother Entropy was a quick hit series that was released weekly on every Wednesday in the month of May. Is it worth your hard-earned money? In one word: Yes!


Mother Entropy starts out in a typical setting for our heroes. The Guardians are hanging out at their favorite drinking hole on Knowhere devising a plan on how to pay back everyone they owe money. Destroying food processors, purchasing explosives, and three-dimensional bingo debts don’t pay for themselves! And saving the universe doesn’t pay as well as one might think either. The idea is to leave Knowhere and execute a giant score. However, the Milano is on lockdown and the Guardians aren’t allowed to leave Knowhere until they pay off their debts. As luck would have it, the local police need an escort for Deacon Delcario, a Ravoian monk who has retrieved the Mother Stone, one of the church’s holiest relics from thieves. Piece of cake, right? Yeah, not exactly.

The Guardians blast off to deliver the Deacon and his stone, but trouble is right behind them. There are group of bandits hot on their trail that want to get their hands on the Mother Stone and have hired Pip the troll to retrieve the stone. Pip is a special type of troll, he can teleport to places or people he is very familiar with. In a flash, Pip is onboard the Milano. As the Guardians attempt to capture Pip, a strange twist of fate occurs. The Deacon’s ticker has failed and he is dead on the floor. Before the Milano took flight, the Deacon told Star-Lord and Gamora that no more than five people can be in the presence of the Mother Stone and if there are more, “the most dreadful of catastrophes” will happen. You do the math! Pip makes the sixth one in the presence of the stone and with that, the Guardians and Pip are transported to a cosmic void.

A fungus covered lady like being appears before the group and explains that one of them will become this dimension’s Mother Entropy. They will all be tested to see who is the one that best fits for the cause. Whoever is chosen will be infected and can cover people with a green mold, turning them into fungus covered zombies. The race is on to stop the being from making the choice and causing a widespread epidemic!

Jim Starlin knocks this story out of the park. Mother Entropy starts out at a slow pace but gradually picks up. The Guardians are in true form; each with their own distinct personality, they get along with each other, and they look like the classic Guardians we are used to normally seeing. No Baby Groot here! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike Baby Groot but seeing Groot grown and kicking ass far outweighs the cuteness of him as an infant. The humor and smart-ass quips are also intact as you would expect in a standard GOTG story! Nothing is missing or feels short sided is this well-crafted story!

Davis and Yackey is a top choice duo for Mother Entropy. Davis’ artwork is stellar. The Guardians look themselves, Star-Lord looks a lot like Chris Pratt, which will work for fans of the films (maybe just getting into reading comic books). The details in the backgrounds are incredible and have a unique science fiction feel to them. The battle scenes containing numerous characters are sharp. There are many panels that have a lot going on but they never look cluttered or distracting. Yackey’s choice of color palette is gorgeous and adds depth to the artwork. From the darkness of space to the vivid colors of Starlin’s Bar, Yackey doesn’t disappoint.

Mother Entropy is a fun Guardians of the Galaxy story. It completely removes them from everything going on at the time in the Marvel Universe and is a standalone story. It is very much a breath of fresh air. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Guardians and their normal environment within the Universe, but it’s  nice to see them tackle an adversary that has no connection to previous encounters. Mother Entropy is an excellent story to break a new reader into comic books! Go check it out.



‘Guardians of the Galaxy: Mother Entropy TPB’ review: An excellent story to break a new Guardians lover into comic books or appease longtime fans
Is it good?
Starlin's script is a simple tale that just clicks
Great beginner story for fans of the movies that haven't read any of the comics!
The artwork is detailed, colorful, and enhances the story
Starts out a bit slow, but stick around, it gets good!