Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura talks the upcoming Bumblebee film at HASCON 2017.

The Transformers: ‘The Last Knight’ in the Making panel at HASCON 2017 just wrapped and producer┬áLorenzo di Bonaventura shared a few details about director Travis Knight’s upcoming Bumblebee solo film.

The movie is among the projects to come out of the Transformers writers group, which was formed to transform the franchise and allow for films that would focus on different characters and time periods, and ultimately, flesh out the Transformers’ cinematic universe.di Bonaventura explained that the movie, which is about halfway finished, is set to be the most emotional installment in the Transformers series. Set in 1986, the film will bring things back to the simpler feeling of Michael Bay’s first blockbuster by focusing on just one Autobot.

Audiences will learn Bumblebee’s origin (new for the film), and see that while he’s still the “fun guy,” he’s a lot deeper than we’ve seen before. This will be helped by the “really special relationship” the Autobot has with actress Hailee Steinfeld in the movie.┬ádi Bonaventura added that E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial was a touchstone for it.

In terms of the film’s style, the ’80s setting allows for a lot of fun, from the cars to the music (and the terrible hairstyles). On the action front, it’s impossible to top Bayhem, so there’ll be a “different type” of action.