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Unboxing/Review DC Multiverse DC Rebirth Batman

We review and unbox the recently released DC Rebirth Batman action figure.

The second I saw the DC Rebirth Batman in all his purple cape glory I had to have it. It’s Batman’s new look which is sharp and cool, but I also just love purple to no end. From the pictures, the details on this figure looked great, plus the paint job–especially that yellow outlined bat symbol–is a choice look for the character. Plus it’s only retailing at 20 bucks or so which means it can fit in any budget.

Check out our unboxing and snap judgments in the video below:

As you can see we weren’t too happy with this toy! The details here and there are good, but the model is a bit funky in a variety of ways. Just look at how Batman looks doing splits:

The purple in the cape is also a bit of a downer as it’s not very bright. Certainly not as bright as it appears in the comics! Overall this is an okay figure younger action figure fans will love, but older fans might want to wait for a better and more detailed Rebirth Batman in the future. It’ll still have a place on my mantle, but he’ll be the first I replace when a better figure comes out!

DC Multiverse DC Rebirth Batman
Is it good?
An okay figure for younger audiences, but the pose-ability and lack of detail might be a hard pass for older action figure collectors.
Captures the Rebirth Greg Capullo look well in the emblem on the chest and purple cape
Pretty cheap at 20 bucks
Some good detail, but a rather basic look to much of the mold. The bendability is a bit underwhelming too
How is the purple not brighter! It's practically black!
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