A fantasy fanatic’s dream.

If post-apocalyptic wastelands are what you enjoy then this is the place for you. The Realm #1, from Image with Seth Peck and Jeremy Haun at the helm, shows us the decomposed remains of our world after it’s been overthrown by chaos. Blanketed with mythical creatures and other frightful beings, the remaining population must fight to survive. And as with all great stories we’ll get to watch good vs. evil, but who will prevail? And is it good?

With this first issue we’re looking at a big introduction to the new, demolished world. We get to follow around Nolan — a glorified bounty hunter of sorts — as he concludes a “quest” for an interesting warlord called the “King.” The concept is actually really great; I know we’ve seen the end of days situation played out a lot but it still holds some play here. The addition of the fantasy aspect really sparks the action. Peck does a great job of letting us see the scene without getting too in-depth with the story or character building, which sounds a bit weird but you really do need to see what’s happening around you before you dive in. It’s gritty and rough with the hope of a few more strong characters coming soon. The deep, dark evil is one I’m looking forward to seeing evolve.

The universe is in ruins and Haun depicts it beautifully. The detail is evident in each character as well as the amazing scenery — the Chicago Theatre sign is probably my favorite. It’s a small amazing feature that shows the reality of the location. Alongside the reality, the fantasy images are even more impressive. I feel like I’m gushing a bit with this but it really is a great read.

If anything, there’s not a lot of information when it comes to how, why or what is going on but you don’t really notice as you read. I found myself enthralled in the images and characters-completely forgetting to think about who they were.

The Realm is a fantasy fanatic’s dream. It’s a series to keep an eye on and I’ll be waiting impatiently for the next installment.

The Realm #1
Is it good?
The Realm is a fantasy fanatic's dream.
Beautifully destroyed universe
Entertaining introduction
Intriguing characters
Minimal background information