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Forget Stella getting her groove back–Norman Osborn’s ready to try anything to get his goblin back on!

First Read Observations

  • When things aren’t going his way, Norman’s first instinct is almost always to inject himself with something.
  • Okay, I can’t be the only person who thought the acupuncture scene was actually a massage parlor moment that was about to go in a very…uh, adult direction.
  • “Unconventional” indeed…

  • Sure hope Norman doesn’t trip over Christian Bale on his way up that mountain.
  • Okay, someone please tell me these (supposedly) mystically/spiritually attuned monks aren’t so obtuse that they would train a man as evil as NORMAN FREAKING OSBORN to be a sorcerer.
  • Yeah, I think we all saw this coming.
  • Huh. I actually didn’t see that coming.
  • So…we’re right back where we started?

The Verdict

As telegraphed and and predictable as this story was, it could have been a whole lot worse. Thankfully, a neat twist near the end and some wonderful artwork by Greg Smallwood actually made it somewhat enjoyable. Also, I must admit that the issue’s lone action scene was pretty fun.

I won’t spoil the ending, but when you get there, you’ve gotta ask if the “reveal” really tells us something we didn’t already know.

Look, I realize that superhero comics have to do a lot of recycling, but it doesn’t help when a story presents something the reader assumes to be a foregone as a shocking new dynamic. Perhaps Slott still has some tricks up his sleeve for Norman, but as of right now, it feels like we’re going to down the same green-paved and twisted road we always were.

Amazing Spider-Man #32 Review
Is it good?
Great artwork by Greg Smallwood
Despite the telegraphed and predictable narrative, it's still a fairly enjoyable story.
The first twist actually caught me by surprise...
...but the one on the final page doesn't feel like a "twist" at all--just more of the same.
Superhero comics have to do a lot of recycling, but it doesn't help when a story presents something the reader assumes to be a foregone as a shocking new dynamic

  • Carol

    It was bad, i’ll be honest i expected to be a lot worse, but this comic is going down the drain, slott’s doing a poor job, he could’ve been a lot better, i get it he’s working with what he’s got, but this issue was predictable from the very beginning!

    • RamblingBeachCat

      At least the art was really good, though.

      …and I did like seeing Norman maniacally chasing his demons instead of running from them like most stories in this vein play out. But like you said, it was ridiculously predictable.

      • Carol

        It might just be me, but i hate earht- 616

      • Carol

        I understand your point of view, but for me it’s all about the dynamics between the characters, the plot, and that one was mediocre, maybe it’s just me but slott doesn’t know how to make spidey relatable, i don’t know ..

  • Spidey

    dammit Marvel why can’t you just get Slott off the book

    • RamblingBeachCat

      Eh, I’ve enjoyed his work pretty consistently up until the World Wide stuff. Spider-Verse is literally my favorite comic event story of all time and the Clone Conspiracy was waaaaay more enjoyable than I expected.

      Maybe Slott will return to form with Peter going back to his status quo soon.

      • Spidey

        I’m not gonna say everything he wrote was bad I really did enjoy Spider-Island but like you with world wide it got bad and personally I thought Clone Conspiracy was kinda dumb

        • Carol

          I hated clone conspiracy, the idea of bringing gwen back was dumb enough, but to retcon her death and then killing her afterward was just “ugh” for me, they never get tired of using gwen.