Danny Pudi DOES have a great Batman impression ….

The legendary Black Panther and now Eisner award-nominated Deathstroke writer was clearly inspired by the almost-immediately canceled, practically humorless NBC comedy, given what he said on the DC Comics website today.

Priest and artist Pete Woods will take over creative duties on Justice League beginning with December’s issue #34, which starts the “Lost” storyline, depicting the terrible things that happen when Bruce Wayne doesn’t get eight hours and skips the Starbucks run.

This will be the first time in his near 40-year career that Priest will have worked on many of these characters, so it’s only natural he’d come out, guns blazing, with a sleep-deprived Batman in a book where, “in issue #1, Aquaman is driving a bus,” Priest said.

“My goal is to treat the Justice League more like a workplace drama,” Priest said. “The League’s greater challenge will be to define their place in this new and increasingly cynical age.”

Christopher Priest and Pete Woods combat career choices and existential dread beginning in Justice League #34, on sale December 6. Check out some of the unlettered art below.


Art and cover by PETE WOODS
Variant cover by NICK BRADSHAW

“LOST” part one! When the Justice League is confronted by three concurrent threats, a sleep-deprived Batman makes a crucial error that causes an unthinkable–and potentially unforgivable–tragedy. Legendary Eisner Award-nominated writer Christopher Priest (Deathstroke) is joined by artist Pete Woods for a brand-new must-read Justice League story like you’ve never seen before!

On sale DECEMBER 6 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T