• David Blyth

    Can Renew Your Vows Mary Jane just be revealed as the real MJ already? Or at least have her come over to the core Marvel reality and punch this MJ’s lights out?

    • Ralph Ward

      Seems like this MJ was hoping that Peter was going to quit being Spider Man and gave up on him when she realized he wasn’t. This MJ hated the Spider man part of Peter and does not understand Peter at all.

    • Carol

      I just gave up on this mj, for me the renew your vows mj is the real one, cause she never left the place where she belongs, right into peters arms, we belive that when mj and pete are together they both hit the jackpot.

  • Morse

    spent the night together????????? does bendis hate perter that much? wow this guy is moronic hack

    he is definitely hellbent on ripping the Peter mythos to bits for his garbage books being shat out every other day. his villains, black cat, MJ, gwen, his name. Literally EVERYTHING