It’ll take the whole Justice League to clean up the mess in this epic conclusion to the most star-studded GREEN ARROW story ever!

The ‘Hard-Traveling Hero’ story ends this week as Green Arrow is fighting for his life in space. What a trip he’s been on with thousands of miles travelled across Earth and off it! Can Benjamin Percy wrap this story arc up with a bang or a whimper?

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

“HARD TRAVELING HERO” finale! For a year Oliver Queen has been one step behind the Ninth Circle. Now he knows why: an orbiting fortress from which the super-villain financial empire secretly spies, steals, buys, sells and kills everyone and everything Green Arrow needs to defeat them. And. It. Is. Going. DOWN. It’ll take the whole Justice League to clean up the mess in this epic conclusion to the most star-studded GREEN ARROW story ever!

Why does this matter?

This story arc has been a lot of fun with many surprises as Green Arrow has uncovered corruption from the Ninth Circle at every location his compatriots have set up shop. It seems fitting it all ends in space given how far he’s gone.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

That looks like it hurts.

There’s some pretty awesome art here from Otto Schmidt who shows off the grit and stubborn nature of Ollie as he fights to the very last breath (literally!) in the opening scenes. As the issue progresses there’s a great layout showing off all of the heroes from day life to hero life in 8 efficient panels. In two short pages, Schmidt has Black Canary and Emi go after Auctioneer and it’s a reminder efficient storytelling lives and dies by the art. In a great full page spread, Schmidt shows Black Canary let loose a rumble that’s poster worthy. It’s also fun to see the way Green Arrow rubs these heroes the wrong way via their facial expressions. That reminds us how Ollie doesn’t get along with superhero types even if he’s saving their butts left and right.

The strongest moments in this issue involve Hal Jordan and Ollie who bond a bit in the face of their own deaths. I’ll say no more to avoid spoilers, but in a closing scene with the Justice League it’s quite clear Hal and Ollie are closer because of it. Percy wraps up this story arc in a fitting sort of way too as Ollie proves sometimes it’s his persistence and stubborn nature that wins the day. This issue also wraps into the “Gotham Resistance” storyline (even though that technically started last week!).

Get some!

It can’t be perfect can it?

While Green Arrow takes down a major arm of the Ninth Circle there’s much to be desired as far as their power going forward. Green Arrow spends much of this issue trying to stay alive rather than winning the day with the big picture stuff. That makes this issue feel somewhat small even though it’s the finale of the story arc. The final page, which has Batman talk to Green Arrow a bit, also serves as more of a bridge to another story, which further displaces this issue from the larger picture.

Is It Good?

A good final issue that forces the Justice League to save the day and be reminded Green Arrow is worthy of joining this team.

Green Arrow #31
Is it good?
A good wrap up with some fun character beats, but it doesn't quite feel like a big finale in the grand scheme of things.
Solid art, especially the smaller character acting beats
Ends with more of a segue into another story
So I guess the Ninth Circle is defeated?