A story that has sent the Green Lanterns 10 billion years into the past wraps things up.

When you’re 10 billion years in the past things can get quite crazy. Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz learned that quickly as they discovered an Earth with a giant alien baby thing at its core, met the first Green Lanterns and are now attempting to stop Volthoom from killing another planet. Just another day as a Lantern eh?

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

“OUT OF TIME” finale! Simon Baz stands alone against Volthoom, the first and most powerful Lantern. It’s a battle of courage and will that changes both Baz and Volthoom forever.

Why does this matter?

This is the last issue of the story arc that has introduced the first Green Lanterns, played with time in a big way, and felt very important when it comes to Green Lantern history. The story has mattered and the character writing is always on point.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Front fender to the face. I like it.

Ronin Cliquet draws another solid issue with two stand out full page spreads reminding us Simon and Jessica are best fighting together. This issue has plenty of fighting with the remaining Lanterns giving it to Volthoom. There’s some interesting constructs including some kind of shape puzzle and the heroes throw down in exciting ways.

Sam Humphries wraps up this long running arc–very long if you count Rami’s inclusion–in a brisk and satisfying way. The heroes are in the past so there isn’t a ton they can change although that depends on your definitions of time travel. Regardless, Humphries shines a light on Jessica Cruz and how her goodness may have changed history. Sadly though, the Guardians are a bunch of angry jerks and make short order of that. Readers are reminded these little blue bastards are possibly the most dangerous aliens even though they claim they’re the most just.


It can’t be perfect can it?

Things wrap up almost too easily and while the events are logical and sound there aren’t many surprises or exciting high points. This issue feels very much like a farewell for Humphries so in a sense it’s very personal and meaningful, but less so for readers. It’s nice to see his magnum opus of a story end with a nice bow on it, but aside from a minor plan Rami has cooked up these characters get too clean a slate at the very end.

Is It Good?

This is a good wrap up though it lacks big surprises and memorable moments. Serving as a goodbye to the series, Humphries satisfies, but doesn’t wow.

Green Lanterns #31
Is it good?
A perfectly good ending though it lacks big moments and surprises.
Solid art with some great splashes of our heroes
Wraps up the story well
A perfectly okay issue that feels slightly uneventful

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