“Nerf this, puddin’!”

Australian cosplayer Laura Gilbert AKA infamous_harley_quinn has combined two of geekdom’s most beloved femme fatales (D.Va and Harley Quinn) and given us D.Va Quinn. Enjoy your nerdgasm.

Nerf this Puddin 😘 Had such an awesome weekend at Sydney Supanova as DVA Quinn! 🙌 Here is a full body shot taken by the beautiful @phoenixraii 📸 The gun and headset was printed by Myles @fluxelectronics and painted by Chris @cosplay_chris 🙏 So blessed to have such talented and supportive friends to help me! 😍 Definitely not the last time I am doing this "cross-play" ☝️ I had an absolute blast running around with my DC fam and can't wait for Melbourne Comic-Con! 🌻 Thank you so much to everyone that came and said hello over the the weekend 🙈 I'm so grateful for all your love and positivity and I love you all! 🖤 Art inspiration: @kandrakat ✏️

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