The Punisher, the most brutal, violent personality in all of Marvel Comics, is the next street-level hero to get his own Netflix show. Frank Castle was the best part of Daredevil season 2 — the only complaint many fans had was that there wasn’t enough of him. That’s about to change, as evidenced by Netflix dropping the official trailer for the show.

The premise for The Punisher is simple: bad people killed Frank’s family in front of him, and now all bad people must die. In the grimmest ways possible.

Though The Punisher strangely still does not have an official release date, Netflix is still promising the show in 2017. The perfect holiday binge watch, perhaps?

  • Jason Segarra

    Bad ass. Having the gun fire match the drum parts is pretty fantastic.

  • Russ Dobler

    Having finally watched the damn thing, I don’t know about continuing on with his family. He seemed to close the door on that pretty emphatically at the end of Daredevil.