“Summer of Lies” part two! Just as Batgirl and Nightwing discover which villain from their past has returned, they realize something worse…it was all a trap! When everything they thought they knew comes crashing down, will they be able to confront their true feelings for each other?

Batgirl #15
Writer Hope Larson
Artist Christian Wildgoose
Cover Dan Mora
Variant Cover Joshua Middleton
Release Date: September 27, 2017

  • I am SO happy right now! Hope Larson seems to be giving DickBabs shippers the same kind of amazing story as Tom King is giving BatCat shippers over in Batman! The first issue of this arc was amazing, and this looks to be more of the same! Also, I love these covers — especially the Joshua Middleton one!

    • CommunistMario3

      It won’t turn into a relationship, Dick is already sleeping with her teammate Helena.

      • I thought there was a line in Batgirl #14 where Dick said that was over, but maybe I’m mistaken. Anyway, has that been happening in Nightwing or Batgirl and the Birds of Prey? I’m not reading either.

        • CommunistMario3

          He was referencing his ex-girlfriend Shawn Tsang who he recently broke up with. But in Nightwing #28 He hooked up with Helena after going on a mission with her.

          • Ah, thank you for clarifying! That is unfortunate though (at least as a DickBabs shipper). However, Rebirth continuity is kinda wonky. For example, Simon Baz, Jessica Cruz, and Mera are on the Justice League in the main JL title right now, but in Dark Nights: Metal, Hal Jordan and Aquaman are there instead. I chalk that up to the two books not taking place concurrently, and if Dick and Barbara were to get back together in Batgirl, I could chalk it up to that book not taking place concurrently to Nightwing.

          • CommunistMario3

            Comic book continuity is weird and tricky, however I doneed think that hope Larson would make DickBabs an actual couple because I feel like the nightwing and birds of prey would at least make some reference to it which would be weird due to the fact of dick and he Lena’s current relationship. But that’s just my opinion.

          • I just read Batgirl #15, but I don’t know if you have, so I don’t want to spoil what happens. Are Dick and Helena actually in a relationship in Nightwing or did they just hook up?

          • CommunistMario3

            Yes, and as expected the kiss was just a spur of the moment and nothing else. In terms of Dick and Helena, so far it was just a hookup however beforehand Helena did essentially tell dick that she has feelings for him so we’ll see what happens.

          • The kiss was a spur of the moment thing, but I don’t think that’s the end of this. This arc is intended to be what DickBabs shippers like myself have been waiting for, and I don’t think it’ll just get dropped after that and we won’t get more (I’d be disappointed if that were the case). If all Dick and Helena did was hook up, I feel like that doesn’t really impede anything from happening between Dick and Barbara in Batgirl.

          • CommunistMario3

            Maybe, but i feel like whatever happens between those two will be self-contained in that title as i doubt the Nightwing title will make much mention to it since he and Helena are friends with benefits and his conflict with shawn(the defacer) hasn’t concluded yet.

          • Yeah, you might be right. In which case, I can just chalk it up to the two titles not taking place concurrently at the moment. I would, however, love if Nightwing were to continue to play a role in the Batgirl title.

  • Damian Wayne


  • Morse

    this artist definitely doesn’t know how to draw a male body. their bodies almost look identical, Dick even more feminine in some panels.

  • CommunistMario3

    I guess it’s gonna be awkward when Barbara finds out that Dick just recently had sex with Huntress.