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Generation Gone #3 review: the cracks begin to show

Breaking point.

Generation Gone is pushing into well-worn territory as the third issue begins.  It was inevitable that some of the same existential comic book questions would arise, but I was hopeful that maybe they might take a back seat while our protagonists worked together against the government hunting them down and the scientist aiding them from behind the scenes.  With issue 3, we move firmly into the “where will they take this” camp as our heroes, and our overarching story, begin to show some cracks.

Following his single-handed beatdown of riot police in a twisted lashing out against those he blames for the death of his brother, Nick spends the issue either beating up Baldwin or tearing down Ellie.  The big superhero question for him is “what happens when you give super powers to a colossal dick?”

For Baldwin, the question remains as to what his superpower truly is.  He may have a healing factor or he may just be sadly hanging on in hopes that Ellie will return his unrequited love for her.

Ellie can fly.  She can escape, but chooses not to.  She stays by both Baldwin and Nick in a way that parallels what her dying mother explains to the General: Ellie is an idealist who sees the best in all things, even when that thing literally spits in her face.

Don’t get me wrong, the book is solid, just coming down from such a powerful first issue into a more predictable origin story.  I’m hopeful that we will see the book move back into the promise that issue showed: a new take on superpowers for a new generation.

Generation Gone #3 review: the cracks begin to show
Is it good?
Still timely
Lots of moving pieces heading in the same direction
Is it falling into familiar territory too quickly?

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