The Star Trek ‘Mirror Broken’ series got an exclusive Loot Crate origin issue focused on Data.

I’ve enjoyed every issue of Star Trek: Mirror Broken so color me ecstatic when an exclusive Data-focused issue popped up in the September Loot Crate. Written by series writers David Tipton and Scott Tipton, this is the real deal and not some marketing stunt!

So what’s it about?

Set in the “Mirror Broken” universe, this story focuses on Data and how he went from simple machine to Borg augmented killer.

Why does this matter?

David and Scott Tipton have done a stellar job pacing this series, jam packing every issue with a lot of content. It’s also delectably fun to see our favorite TNG characters acting evil. The story is just picking up in the main series so it’s particularly fun to see the backstory of a fan favorite character.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

This issue is drawn by Josh Hood, but based on J.K. Woodward’s designs and it has a more classic comic book feel as opposed to the painted pages by Woodward. It’s safe to say a more casual reader of comics will like the art in this book which is clean and easy to follow. It also has some striking moments, like a montage of Data’s past made up in the shape of his profile (which you can also see below). The likenesses are on point too, as Picard and Data look exactly like the actors who played them. A big surprise is Noonien Soong who has the perfect Data look, only chubbier. In an intense action scene, Hood does well to capture the graphic nature of battle when you face the likes of Picard and his men. All in all, I was impressed with the art.

The story isn’t too bad either! Opening with Data in the present, the writers have Data reflect on his past through two major moments in his life. The first, which takes up most of the issue, revolves around Data working in a mine for his creator. This scene shows a side of Picard we haven’t seen as he has a bit of compassion for the robot. This segues into a sequence that reveals how Data got his Borg technology. These scenes do well to give the reader an idea of how the once-gentle Data became the evil version we see in the main series via some pushing by Picard.

So many memories.

It can’t be perfect can it?

I was taken aback by how peaceful Picard was in much of this issue. The main series shows him basically as an evil killer who will do anything to get an edge even if it means killing his closest assistant. In this issue however, aside from a slight grumpy nature, he’s rather easy going and peaceful. It doesn’t seem quite on target like the main series which is unfortunate since seeing Data go from innocent robot to a survivalist is quite fun.

Is It Good?

This issue captures Data’s struggle from slave robot to his evil natured “Mirror Broken” version well. It may be slightly off in regards to Picard’s good nature, but the issue looks sharp and it’s an entertaining issue regardless.

Star Trek TNG: Mirror Broken: Origin of Data
Is it good?
A solid story arc for Data that reveals how he turned bad.
Solid art with some inspired pages and perfect capturing of the actors
Interesting story arc for Data and his turn to the dark side
Picard seems off and way too nice

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