The September Loot Crate is here and we have a video unboxing to explore its contents.

Chances are if you’re a nerd you’ll never be disappointed with Loot Crate. The company puts together great boxes with a variety of exclusives from properties you know. That said, you might not get a box with goodies from properties you love. That’s how I felt with the August Loot Crate, but boy was I in love with the items in the June Loot Crate. This month, Loot Crate subscribers can get their hands on some loot from major science fiction series, but don’t take my word for it, check out the box in our unboxing below!

As you can see, we were happy with everything in this box. For $20 you get a t-shirt that’s wearable, a fun toy, a Star Wars wooden puzzle project, and a comic from the excellent Mirror Broken series from IDW. This months box itself is pretty awesome too that’ll serve as a nice cereal box prop for the nerdiest of apartments! We’ve already reviewed the Star Trek comic and it’s pretty damn good too.

We might have loved this box, but what about Loot Crater subscribers, did you like what you got? Sound off in the comments.

September 2017 Loot Crate
Is it good?
We were pleasantly surprised with this Loot Crate! Lot's of die-hard science fiction fan goodies!
Everything is well made, including the box that can be turned into a cereal box!
Sweet glow in the dark Blade Runner 2049 t-shirt
Aliens figure is fun and tiny enough to fit on any desk
Love the Star Trek comic!
Chances are you won't be a super fan of every item like we are

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