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It makes it a lot easier to lock people up, force them to do things against their will and justify unpopular decisions when they don’t affect people you know and love. Unfortunately for Dick Grayson that’s all about to change…

DC Synopsis

Dick Grayson’s commitment to the Crusaders is put to the test after he learns a shocking secret about a member of his own family. Eager to keep the scandal as quiet as possible, Grayson turns to an old friend for some answers–and what he learns will alter his destiny forever.

What’s the skinny?

We know twelve years ago Dick Grayson triggered an event that caused 90% of the world’s superhero community to lose their powers. But we don’t know why. That all changes with this issue. Through a series of epic flashbacks, you’ll see firsthand the tragic actions that lead up to the climactic event that changed the entire world forever in an instant.

With Dick’s leadership, the Crusaders efficiently hunt down, capture and control anyone with superpowers. What happens when one of those people is your own son? Dick’s worst nightmare has come to life and the fallout of this revelation has already destroyed another piece of his family right before his eyes.

What’s the catch?

This issue was fantastic. My only complaint would be the actions of one of Dick’s squad members with regards to Alfred, but I have a feeling there’s more than meets the eye here, so I’ll withhold my criticism for now.

Is it good?

A strong showing by Trevor McCarthy once again. There are so many different panels, actions, faces and just flat out impressive stuff he’s done here that I can talk positively about. The issue starts with a great one page origin flashback for Batman, Superman and Flash which hits all the right nostalgia buttons. From there things kick it up ten notches and we’re lead into an absolutely epic two-page spread of the Justice League facing off against all their arch enemies. On the smaller side of things I really enjoyed the family resemblance that’s easy to notice between Dick and his son Jake.

Wow. Just wow. I must have said the word to myself five plus times while reading this issue. There were multiple pages that I re-read several times over because of how enthralling the story building moments were. Kyle Higgins isn’t pulling any punches with this other world-esque tale. To call the conclusion anything short of epic, crazy and intense would be doing it injustice.

On top of the heart pounding conclusion we’re getting to see a Dick Grayson that’s never existed before now. Dick’s morals and convictions are being put through the ultimate test and beneath that there’s a very relevant message to events occurring today. Judging people for being who they are and over things that they can’t control. Higgins is masterfully weaving reality and fiction together and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Nightwing: New Order #2
Is it good?
Wow. Just wow. I must have said the word to myself five plus times while reading this issue. Higgins is masterfully weaving reality and fiction together and I can't wait to see what he does next.
Trevor McCarthy knocks it out of the freaking park
Kyle Higgins isn't wasting anytime getting the action moving. This issue gets the story kicked into high gear
A truly crazy holy shit moment
Dick Grayson is sort of a....dick! Yeah, I said it.

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