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Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol. 3: Itsy Bitsy review: Quips, thwips and chips

In this volume of Spider-Man/Deadpool, Spidey has intentions of murder and Deadpool is the morally sound one trying to talk him out of it. Wait… what?

Joe Kelly and Marvel
Price: $12.23
Was: $17.99

How did it take so long for Spider-Man and Deadpool to get a team-up series? 2016?? The Merc with a Mouth buddy-copping it around with the smart-alec web-slinger?  I mean, for most of Deadpool’s existence, he’s been a murderous psychopath and Peter Parker has been a teenager, but forget about that, because their bro-iest and creepiest adventure is here in Volume 3: Itsy Bitsy.

I’m not going to go into a huge amount of detail here about Spidey and Wade Wilson.  They are funny apart and funnier together.  What twists this volume in a knot is the realization that Deadpool has become the hesitant good guy while Spider-Man has taken a considerable heel turn, threatening outright to murder their recently acquired foe.

Oh, I need to mention said foe.  Well, hang on kids: take one scarred-up foe with a hard-on for vengeance, mix in a junkie with no forseeable future, add a splash of DNA from both of our masked super heroes (ew) and you get Itsy Bitsy: a blue-skinned Drider with some serious daddy issues and a penchant for nursery rhymes.

Besides the obvious wanton murder happening at the hands of our villain (who believes she’s helping both Daddy and Dead-Daddy) the larger issue at hand is the sudden switch of our two main characters.  Wade has gained back his humanity, and with it, his actual handsome face.  Parker is losing his, even with the intervention of Nightcrawler’s BAMF-ing and religious overtures about one losing one’s soul.  In the end, the two must make potential life-altering choices, something which with neither has an excellent track record.

Joe Kelly has really put together a great series whose timing is perfect.  The constant banter, the twisted villains, the no-holds barred way he explores Spider-Man as well as Deadpool.  Ed McGuinness’ art is, as usual, on point, especially in the extended – and completely screwed up – pocket dimension sequence where the duo fights elder god after elder god.

This one is a definite buy.  Just watch out for that spider on your shoulder.

Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol. 3: Itsy Bitsy review: Quips, thwips and chips
Is it good?
Yo, it's Deadpool and Spider-Man. What more do you need?
Ok, the art is really crisp.
The writing is excellent as well.
No more! Read the book!
The middle issue in the pocket dimension felt a bit place-holdery.

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