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WWE sends the Young Bucks a cease and desist over “too sweet”

WWE’s got two words for the Young Bucks.

Maybe invading Raw wasn’t such a good idea. Just two days after Bullet Club invading the site of WWE’s Raw for an episode of “Being the Elite,” WWE has sent the Young Bucks a (legitimate) cease and desist over the “too sweet” hand gesture, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet.

The Young Bucks have appropriated several catchphrases and gestures from The Kliq, including “suck it,” the accompanying crotch chop, and yes, the “too sweet” hand gesture that has found a second life in Bullet Club some 20 years after the nWo popularized it.

From Pro Wrestling Sheet’s report:

Pro Wrestling Sheet has confirmed WWE reached out to the popular Ring of Honor/NJPW tag team to say they own the copyright to the “Too Sweet” hand gesture and have discovered that the brothers have been using it in other companies, as well as on merch.

Therefore, WWE is demanding the Bucks stop using WWE intellectual property in-ring and on any merchandise immediately. If not, they may be hit with $150K in damages or more.

In addition to this, Pro Wrestling Sheet claims that WWE wants a written agreement that the Young Bucks will not infringe on the company’s intellectual property again in the future.

Who knows, with how over-the-top the Young Bucks’ homage to 90s wrestling can be, maybe they could just claim their act as a parody and be covered under fair use laws.


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