I love Robocop! Do you love Robocop? If the answer is an astounding “NO“, then we cannot be friends. However, if you are like me and screamed out “Hell yes!”, then you are going to love Amerikarate #7. We are closing in on the conclusion of the second arc. It has been one hell of a ride thus far — will Kickwell and Cynthia continue to kick that ass? Pretty safe to assume they will.

Dead or alive, you’re karate’ing with me!

You must appreciate the clever word play with that chapter title. Amerikarate #7 starts out with an impressive fight montage between Kickwell, Cynthia, and a familiar looking cyborg. Kudos to Daniel Arruda Massa for such an exciting opening, but something is wrong with this picture — Kickwell isn’t beating the living shit out of this cyborg. Why not? He notices that it is his brother Rick, who was thought to be dead. That’s right, Sam Kickwell’s brother Rick has returned from the dead in the form of a cyborg. He is now RoboRick! And in this issue, we are treated to his origin, packed with numerous amounts of Robocop references among other pop culture classics. There’s even some saucy cyborg sex! The origin of RoboRick is definitely a tale to behold and we also get a glimpse into who is behind the city’s biggest crime wave.

Is it good?

Do you even need to ask me? Did you skip over the words “cyborg sex”? Amerikarate has stayed consistent from the first issue. McKinney and Kalman can do no wrong with their story. The humor is raunchy, but sharp, and too damn funny. I like how the story has come full circle to this point. The first issue began with Rick and Sam traveling together, only for Sam thinking Rick was killed, and now for Rick to come back as a ruthless killing machine. It’s simple, but it works so well. Keep in mind, this book is aimed at older readers. It isn’t for everyone, but if you don’t like cyborg sex, then I encourage you to stop being so narrow minded. Cyborgs need love too.

Massa’s artwork is as comical as the script he is illustrating. RoboRick’s HUD including a wi-fi signal, battery life, and ammo count made me laugh. If you remember, I was on the fence with his artwork at the beginning of this new arc. Well, I am fully on board with his artistic talents in Amerikarate. The best way I can describe me getting used to the transition from Roth’s art to Massa’s art is like comparing Mel Gibson’s haircut in Lethal Weapon and Lethal Weapon 2. You like the original style but notice the tighter, sleeker look works just as well and you grow to love it.

Can’t you tell that I have fun reviewing each issue of Amerikarate? So like Breaking Benjamin, I am going to sound repetitive. If you are into dirty humor, sex, graphic violence, unique uses of curse words, and haven’t picked up this book, what the hell is wrong with you? Admit it, you want to get down with the sickness that is Amerikarate! This is easily my favorite issue of the current arc. Go out and buy Amerikarate #7!

Amerikarate #7
Is it good?
If you are into dirty humor, sex, graphic violence, unique uses of curse words, and haven't picked up this book, what the hell is wrong with you?
Perfect score for a book that has achieved what many nostalgia type books fail to do
Robocop references everywhere
Did I mention the cyborg sex?
Digging the artwork more and more.
This story arc is almost over

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