After a virus wipes out more than half of the world’s population, the remaining few are desperate to find a way to cure this deadly disease. Luckily a vaccine is found, but the side effects may not be worth the cure. In Eugenic, James Tynion IV and Eryk Donovan bring to life an eerie future that could almost seem imaginable if it wasn’t so disturbing. This is the beginning of a new generation, but is it good?

What we have here is a “what if” scenario in a sense. Tynion uses real historic situations to build up his story and it makes for a thrilling ride. I wasn’t quite prepared for the intensity that came with the situation, but it’s a riveting read. You’ve got a young geneticist that’s grown up with a disease that has ravaged the world who created a 100% effective vaccine. Amazing, right? Well, there’s a dark side to this too. He’s not really what you expect. The characters are really intriguing which makes it even more difficult to watch the action unfold. The writing is very well thought out; it can get extensive in places, but it’s necessary. Reading the mindset behind the decisions made for the future of humanity puts a very obscure perspective on what’s important while still showcases an extremely psychopathic mind.

The artistic style fits well with the story. You can tell Donovan worked closely with Tynion when developing the ideas behind the story and the world they were building. Keeping in mind that the story is only set 18 years in the future, the social and cultural cues are noticeable throughout the issue.

Make sure you’re prepared for some pretty gruesome images — this is going to be on the adult side of the reading spectrum. The artistic style, although it seems to fit really well, is more of a sketchy style, so if you’re into crisp lines and solid coloring you won’t be impressed. The story itself left a bad taste in my mouth but also made me want to see the follow up–which is set 200 years in the future by the way–so I’m prepping for the return.

It’s an interesting read. It will not be for everyone. It’s thought provoking, sinister and grotesque at times. I’d give it a shot if you aren’t scared away yet.

Eugenic #1
Is it good?
It’s an interesting read. It will not be for everyone. It’s thought provoking, sinister and grotesque at times.
Intelligent writing style
Impressive insight and ideas
Great collaboration between writer and artist
Completely depressing at times
Not for a weak stomach
Mature audiences only

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