Despite suffering a bit from being a setup issue, ‘Postal’ #23 still delivers some great character moments leading up to its biggest conflict yet.

While Eden continues to prepare for war, Agent Bremble spirals further down the rabbit hole.

First Read Reactions

  • Aw man. I was just starting to like future Mark and Maggie 🙁
  • Geez, Bremble’s going all in on this cult thing, isn’t he?
  • “Am I the kind of woman you need to wash off?”
  • Gotta be tough getting such a massive truth bomb dropped on you by a booty call.
  • Mayor Shiffron may be a certified badass, but she’s not a great motivational speaker.
  • You know things have officially gotten weird when Isaac starts to seem potentially more sympathetic than Bremble.
  • Any plan involving Mark showing it via toy soldiers in a model of Eden (and Dallas getting to be a sniper) is virtually guaranteed to be good.
  • Someone tell Bremble that leaving your life to fate doesn’t count if you cheat the game of chance it hinges on.
  • Kind of sweet (and a little weird) to see the Shiffrons being vulnerable with the people they love.

The Verdict

While the writing and art is as good as usual, Postal #23 suffers a bit from being the setup for what looks to be an explosive issue next month. We don’t get a lot of action or new revelations within the narrative, but we do see the main characters reaching the point in their respective character arcs where it’s time decide if you like them or not.

Nowhere is this more apparent than Bremble, who has gone from sympathetic/noble to an arrogant nihilist (for me, anyway). The dude tries to act like he recognizes his own hypocrisy, but he really doesn’t. Whether it’s pretending that his crusade against Eden isn’t about his past to pretending that he’s playing a legit game of Russian roulette, writer Bryan Hill has made a very strong case for us to root for the criminals of Eden (even the ones we might not like).

As interesting as Bremble’s story is, however, I’m anxious to see what happens with Isaac and his crazy army descending on Eden. Aside from getting to watch Isaac Goodhart draw some great action sequences, I’m also incredibly curious what Maggie is going to do. I definitely think she’ll fight, I have a feeling there’s a lot more going on inside her head than simply being a good soldier in Laura Shiffron’s war.

One way or the other, it looks like we’ll get to find out next month.

Postal #23
Is it good?
Despite suffering a bit from being a setup issue, Postal #23 still delivers some great character moments leading up to its biggest conflict yet.
Writer Bryan Hill has put these characters through the ringer. At one point, Isaac Shiffron is somehow able to see more sympathetic/noble than Bremble, whose crusade has twisted him into vile and unlikable hero.
Maggie's definitely up to something...and I can't wait to see what it is.
Watching Mark plan a major urban warfare campaign is all types of fun.
The set up for Eden's major war with Isaac is just a hair shy of having been stretched out for too long.