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DC Comics announces “Action 1000” to celebrate Action Comics #1000 and Superman’s 80th birthday next year

“Action 1000” will celebrate all things Superman in 2018.

DC Comics’ Meet the Publisher panel at New York Comic Con was largely looking forward to the future of the company and its stories. But publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee looked back in celebration to one important figure: Superman.

Most fans are already aware that Action Comics is nearing its landmark one thousandth issue sometime next year. Coincidentally, 2018 also marks the eightieth birthday of the quintessential superhero. "We’re at a spot where it’s actually Superman’s 80th birthday around the time Action Comics #1000 comes out," DiDio explained.

To celebrate, DC unveiled a new initiative, dubbed #Action1000. A celebration of all things Superman, the initiative was described as an opportunity for the publisher to showcase what Superman means, not only to the history of comic books, but the history of the world at large.

Though details are sparse at this time, it’s safe to assume DC will be going all out to commemorate such a huge achievement in comic books publishing and the iconic superhero loved by millions around the world.

Though Lee and DiDio promised we would get more details on the initiative at a later date, Jim Lee revealed a goal that is unfortunately less than realistic: 1000 variant covers for issue #1000. "I think I’ve done up to 27," he joked.


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