“Our commitment and belief in the line has never been stronger.”

Though DC’s Young Animal imprint, spearheaded by Gerard Way, gets the majority of the attention these days, many fans have been curious about DC’s other imprint, Vertigo Comics. Though the imprint has not disappeared, it is all but dormant compared to the prolific output of years past. There have been rumblings of a Vertigo relaunch since Jim Lee put out a teaser at San Diego Comic Con earlier this year. This has led many fans to ask the question: "What’s going on with Vertigo?"

At DC’s Meet the Publisher panel at New York Comic Con, publisher Dan DiDio posed that very question. DiDio reassured the audience that DC’s commitment to Vertigo remains very strong. "Our commitment and belief in the line has never been stronger," he said. Next year is the 25th anniversary of the imprint, and DC is taking this opportunity to relaunch Vertigo.

Vertigo’s official relaunch date will be August 8, 2018 – the imprint’s 25th birthday. Mark Doyle, recently named the executive editor, will be spearheading the effort. Doyle, who is also the executive editor for Young Animal, has a strong passion for Vertigo and wants to reinvigorate it. He brings with him lots of experience: He’s the former main editor for the Batman line of comics, and is responsible for bringing Batman maestro Scott Snyder into the DC Comics fold.

Unfortunately, details were scarce. It was teased that three "big name creators" will be involved at the time of relaunch — one who has worked for Vertigo in the past, and two who have not. Let the guessing begin!

Fans may have to wait longer than they’d like to see the fruits of this labor, but DiDio explained that that’s by design. "It’s about getting things right," he explained. "Not getting things faster."

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