This will be the first WarGames match in nearly 20 years.

After nearly 20 years, the WWE will be reviving the classic WCW WarGames match for next month’s NXT: TakeOver special. The match, which sees multiple teams face off in two rings enclosed in an extra-large cage, was announced at Wednesday’s NXT tapings then later confirmed via Triple H’s twitter page.

One of the more popular creations of the WCW era, WarGames has had several different incarnations over the years, the most recent format seeing three teams (NWO, NWO Wolfpack and Team WCW) face off in an elimination trios tag match. It appears the forthcoming NXT version will follow this format, though official rules have yet to be announced.

The announcement comes soon after the WWE’s revival of another WCW property, Starrcade. That event caused a bit of a minor stir in the internet wrestling community when Cody Rhodes publicly objected to his former employer using his late fathers IP without consulting the Rhodes family. For WarGames, however, it looks like HHH has learned from the gaffe, with Rhodes tweeting his endorsement of the event.

NXT TakeOver: WarGames will take place on November 18 on the WWE Network.