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NYCC 2017: Grant Morrison reveals ‘Wonder Woman: Earth One’ Vol. 2 is nearly complete, will be the series’ ‘Empire Strikes Back’

“This is the one where everything goes to hell.”

Grant Morrison had a lot to talk about at DC Comics’ Meet the Publishers panel at New York Comic Con 2017. Right away, he got down to business with volume 2 of Wonder Woman: Earth One. Morrison announced that the book is almost complete, stopping just shy of announcing a release time frame.

Though he didn’t offer a ton of detail, he did describe volume 2 as Wonder Woman’s Empire Strikes Back. “This is the one where everything goes to hell,” he explained.

Morrison also talked a little bit about the art direction, noting that he pushed to see Wonder Woman in more costumes. “I … really liked the idea that Wonder Woman would have many costumes, not just one, so we have her in a different costume in almost every scene in the book.” Fans in the audience got a sneak peek of one of these costumes: a baseball outfit consisting of a Wonder Woman t-shirt and jeans. Maybe not the most exciting outfit out there, but if every scene features a different costume, we’re bound to see some interesting garb.


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