The most dangerous character in the Marvel Universe is getting a nuclear weapon.

It’s been teased for several months, but at New York Comic Con 2017, we have confirmation and some more details surrounding The Punisher donning War Machine’s armor.

At Marvel’s “Marvel Legacy: Next Big Thing” panel at the convention, writer Matthew Rosenberg revealed Frank Castle acquires the armor starting in issue #218. “The Punisher needs to level up,” he revealed, “so he decides to overthrow a European government.” During a military coup, The Punisher “decides to take the War Machine armor while nobody is using it.”

Rosenberg, who is taking over creative duties on The Punisher from Becky Cloonan along with artist Guiu Vilanova, puts it in simple terms: The Punisher is “the most dangerous character in the Marvel Universe” — and that’s just with usually a pistol and a knife — “and now we’re giving him a nuclear weapon.”

“It’s taking what Frank Castle is and accelerating it to a nightmarish pace,” he warned. “Everyone’s worst fear of what Frank could be.”

The Punisher #218 releases November 15, 2017.

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