Plants vs. Zombies Boxed Set 3 collects three Plants vs. Zombies graphic novels in one deluxe boxed set. Is it good?

For a moment, allow me to remove my adult reviewer helmet and channel my inner pre-teen self.  I may say some things that don’t make a lot of sense, but bear with me as I work through this and come to a logical conclusion.  The New York Times best-selling graphic novel and award-winning videogame franchise, Plants vs. Zombies, has released its third box set collection. (See, I told you words would come out that seemed to not make sense to a sophisticated comics connoisseur.)  

Let’s be totally honest about this collection: it’s a ton of really dumb zombies following the insane Dr. Zomboss in his equally insane plots to take over/destroy the town and/or the world.  Along the way, two children, a crazy uncle, and a collection of semi-sentient plants work to stop them, while every other human being runs the other direction.  This is the franchise Plants vs. Zombies has built and, on the right level it works perfectly.  It’s not Shakespeare, it’s not Kirby, it barely counts as a cohesive story.  That isn’t the point.

It works.  I love the PvZ games, having played them since the days before microtransactions, and my sons love them as well.  Fun illustrations, zombies in luchadore masks (it’s like they know me), and a zombie-fueled demolition derby.  What else does your inner eight year-old need?

For a three-book collection in a hardcover box, the set comes in at a great price.  In my house, the pages will get worn and the spines split while giggles rage right along with the stream of zombies in metal bucket hats.  What’s better than that?

Plants vs. Zombies Boxed Set 3 (Plants Vs. Zombies Set) review: fun illustrations, zombies in luchadore masks — what else does your inner 8-year-old need?
Is it good?
It' a lot of insane fun
It's Plants vs Zombies. What else do you want?
It's pretty dumb, but in a good way. Don't think too much about it.