Not at New York Comic Con 2017 and want those toy exclusives? Get your credit cards ready, because we found them online!

Are you a toy collector who couldn’t make it to the Big Apple for New York Comic Con 2017? Don’t sweat it, because you still have time to snatch up some cool con exclusives without having to venture into Manhattan. But as we’re dealing with con collectibles, you’re going to have to hurry as they’re selling out fast!

Toys “R” Us has a presence at NYCC – Booth #110 – but if you’re not at the Javits Center, you’ll want to head to the toy seller’s website. There, you’ll find versions of fan-favorite comic characters like Black Panther, Starfire and Lockjaw in what can only be described as their most adorable incarnations yet. I’m of course–of course–talking about the Tsum Tsum, Vinimates and Funko versions of the characters.

An added bonus–Toys “R” Us also has the HASCON-exclusive Transformers Titans Return Arcee pack up for pre-order. But speaking of exclusive Transformers, NYCC of course had its own special offering, similar to the Arcee set. This time around, it’s a modern update of the Autobot Monsterbot Grotusque!Finally! (Right?)

Titan Master Grotusque comes with Decepticon Fengul and Scorponok (well, his transformable head). This exclusive was available online at the Hasbro Toy Shop site, but it’s currently out of stock. But, they have to have more of these available somewhere, so stay optimistic.

You know who else should feel optimistic? Grotusque! Can you imagine how hard it is to be a Transformer with the name Grotusque? I’d certainly have low self-esteem when my teammates have cool names like Optimus Prime, Hot Rod and Ultra Magnus. But now, everyone wants Grotusque!

Way to go, Grotusque! You’re an inspiration to us all! What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, exclusive toys.

Why are you still reading this, go order those exclusive toys!!!