Did someone say “Hulkbuster Captain America”?

Collectors hearty enough to hang around the Javits Center until 8:00 pm on Friday were rewarded with the very FIRST look at brand new Minimates featuring characters from the Spider-Man cartoon that debuted on Disney XD in August, and some other surprises.

A total of eight figures were revealed, including a Vulture, a Scorpion and two different Spider-Men. A space-faring Captain Marvel, as well as Baron Zemo and Red Hulk, represented the comic book side.

Who the hell knows where Hulkbuster Captain America came from, but you’d better damn well salute, if you know what’s good for you.

Minimates are block-styled miniatures first seen in 2002. Other Minimates showcased at the panel included an X-Men vs. Brotherhood set and characters from the Predator movies.

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