New one-shot announced for January.

For the first time anywhere, at today’s Cup O’Joe Marvel Legacy: Avengers panel at New York Comic Con, writer Al Ewing revealed the endgame for his Inhumans epic. It will all go down in the Inhumans: Judgment Day one-shot, drawn by the epic artist itself, Mike del Mundo.

“This is where Royals has been building since the very beginning,” Ewing said. “If Inhumans Prime was the beginning of this massive, three-pronged Inhumans story, this story caps them.”

The splintered Inhuman Royal Family will finally come back together to defend Earth from the unimaginably powerful Progenitors, a new race of space gods of Ewing’s own creation, in what’s meant to be a meaty and massive battle.

“I really want to make a giant bang for you buck,” Ewing said.

Inhumans: Judgment Day #1, with a cover by Daniel Acuña, hits stores in January.

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