A look back at some of the reveals in the Family Guy panel at New York City Comic Con 2017.

The Family Guy panel at New York Comic Con 2017 revealed that both Adam West and Carrie Fisher had recorded episodes for the new season prior to their deaths.

Carrie Fisher will return as Peter Griffins’ supervisor Angela in at least one more episode, while Adam West will appear in the season’s first 15 episodes as the eponymous town mayor.

Series creator Seth MacFarlane and the rest of the panel agreed they wanted to address the deaths in the show and would not recast the roles, hinting at Quahog possibly getting a new yet-to-be-determined mayor.Family Guy will also cross another milestone this season with its 300th episode, which will include a tribute to The Fast and the Furious franchise. Another upcoming episode that was teased pairs Brian and Stewie on another adventure but this time casts them as Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.

If you were hoping the series might one day do a crossover with Rick and Morty as it once did with The Simpsons, the bosses didn’t sound very optimistic. They did promise, though, that they will probably make fun of Rick and Morty at some point “because it’s successful.”

The Comic Con audience got an advanced screening of an upcoming episode where the same plot is retold three different times, each as if they were projects directed by a different famous filmmaker.

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