“Once Upon a Time’s” showrunners talked about the new season at New York Comic Con 2017.

At New York City Comic Con 2017, Once Upon A Time Showrunner Adam Horowitz labeled Season 7, which premiered October 6, a “re-quel.” As in, part reboot, part sequel.

Fans of the series got a taste of where the show might be headed last Spring when the season 6 finale ended with a time jump to a twenty-something Henry (now played by Andrew J. West) being confronted at his door by a young kid he’s never seen before claiming to be his daughter and insisting she needs his help.

It both mirrors and acts as a reversal of how the series began, with a young Henry seeking out his own biological mother.

Following the exits of much of the principal cast, Once Upon A Time finds itself with only three returning leads: Lana Parrilla (Regina), Robert Carlyle (Mr. Gold), and Colin O’Donoghue (Captain Hook). Though fans can likely expect past cast members to make guest appearances.

Jared S. Gilmore reprises his role as the younger Henry in at least the first two episodes of the season. And Jennifer Morrison is teased to feature prominently in the season’s second episode. The showrunners also told the Comic Con audience the fourth episode will revolve around what happened to Rumpelstiltskin and Belle post-season 6.

Lana Parrilla (Regina) and Showrunners Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis.

The new season also recasts and reinvents Cinderella and Alice (of Wonderland). In the latter’s case, the showrunners joked about how nobody watched the spinoff show Once Upon A Time In Wonderland anyway.

Horowitz promised fans they are not taking away the happy endings given to the characters at the end of last season.

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