Some people just don’t work well with themselves.

Before New York Comic Con even started, Marvel dropped the news that everyone’s favorite, mentally-disturbed mutant TV star, Legion, would be getting his own series. Now we know a little more about how it will go down.

Editor Darren Shan revealed that heralded writer Peter Milligan would be pitting the son of Charles Xavier against the most dangerous foe possible – himself.

“Legion is in trouble,” Shan said. “There’s one personality that seems to be eating up all the other personalities,” he said, and unsurprisingly, David Haller is freaking out.

New interior art!

So much so that he actually seeks out a psychotherapist for help. But not just some passive, on-the-couch analysis. If she’s going to get to the root of the problem, she’ll have to climb inside Legion’s head herself.

Legion, by writer Peter Milligan and artist Wilfredo Torres, debuts in January.